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Relena Valmont is one of the last Necromancers. Raised on an island in almost entire isolation from the outside world she is in many ways an innocent. However, she knows that because of the blood in her veins she is an entity that cannot be allowed to exist in the new world. Like all Necromancers before her she will eventually face a cruel choice: submit to the executioner’s blade or perish by her own hand. 

Kira Minashiro is the descendant of refugees from a country that was destroyed during the chaos. She is Relena’s twin star. An accidental blood pact made between the two steals death from Kira and binds them together for eternity.

Now, because of the love she bears for Relena, Kira will do absolutely anything to save her from her destiny—even if it means destroying herself in the process.



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A series of natural catastrophes have ripped the world asunder. Faced with the real possibility of extinction, a group of magic-using mages have stepped out of the shadows to help their human cousins rebuild the world—at a price. 

Christian McElhannon isn't like his human peers. He is a mage. He can do things they can only dream of and see things they can only imagine. Persecution and isolation threaten to shape Christian's world until one fateful night he meets a very strange young woman on a dark beach . . .